April 13

Why Fractional NFTs?

You’ve probably seen articles about different NFTs selling for millions of dollars, which is fantastic for whoever owns that particular NFT! But these high prices can seriously limit who gets to own each of these amazing pieces of art, like expensive custom cars or physical artworks like you’d see at a museum or a personal collector’s gallery.

Which is too bad, because we think one of the best and most exciting parts of crypto and blockchain growth is that it is decentralized and open to anyone who wants to log on and join in.

The lack of accessibility keeps most people out of non-digital collectibles and creative pieces like art and cars. If you were to split those physical items into thousands of smaller pieces in real life, they would lose most of their value because it destroys the collectible itself.

Fortunately for us, that is not true with NFTs.

We can use tokens to split them up and make them more accessible for the average collector who is looking to expand their portfolio and own something enjoyable in the process.

Seeing random Cryptopunks and Bored Apes selling for millions of dollars, as well as collections like Beeple’s selling for 69 million, there is certainly a massive market and desire for NFTs.

If you’ve got the capital, ability, and desire to buy one of these for thousands of ETH, that’s great!

(But even then, you’ll be locked into that purchase on your own until you sell all at once, hoping you didn’t buy at the peak.)

We love the flexibility that fractionalizing NFTs brings.

It allows people to be a part of a community of high-end NFT owners, but also makes sure they have liquidity instead of being tied up in one asset. That diversification and opportunity, as well as the long-term community to be a part of, gives us the ability to do more in the NFT world together than we could do one by one.

As we continue to see the NFT market expanding throughout the digital world and into things like music, events, and movies, we’re excited to see how Fractional NFTs and the tokens that go with them are giving access to everyone.

You’ll get to invest in those higher-priced NFTs while also still having the flexibility to look into more unique or less known investments.

It’s a wonderful balance of taking those calculated risks, while also being confident about taking that leap with a thousand of our fellow crypto-enthusiasts.

Plus, you’ll be able to move your collection and coins in and out as the opportunities and funds work for you and your life. You’re not stuck in a white-list-to-roller-coaster cycle, hoping the timing’s good when you need it to be.

You’re in control, but never going it solo.

Ready to get started?

We’re finding and pulling together new vaults of some of our favorite NFTs all the time. Head on over to take a look at the ones you think are the most exciting!


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