Welcome to the Mooned Mints Crew! We know that how we do things in the NFT world is unique, so we’ve rounded up the most frequent questions we get around our Fractional NFT process, how the Vaults work, why Fractional NFTs can be such a great way to invest in your NFT collection, and other nuts-and-bolts details.


What are NFTs? Fractional NFTs? DAOs?

NFTs are “non-fungible tokens,” which means they’re one-of-a-kind tokens on the blockchain. They show record of ownership of a unique asset, and can’t be duplicated. Fractional NFTs are tokens that show partial ownership of an NFT. Like going halfsies with your friend on that autographed trading card when you were kids, but governed by smart contracts.

You can read all about crypto, NFTs, DAOs, and more on the blog. Make sure to join our community to ask your questions and talk NFTs, too!

Can I create a vault or listing with my own NFTs?

Not right now. One of the core parts of the value Mooned Mints is committed to providing is that all of the vaults are curated by our team. We believe that matters, as it allows us to connect with creators and give them support and encouragement, while also giving long-term support, community, and education to buyers and other community members. It also encourages more diversification in the vault options.

There may be a time in the future when we set up a way for community members to facilitate vault creation. In the meantime, if you want to share a project you love or pitch a collaboration or other idea, you can always reach out to us and tell us all about it.

Do you guarantee the returns on fractions and NFTs available here on Mooned Mints?

We don’t, because the cryptocurrency world doesn’t work that way. If anyone out there is “guaranteeing” that a purchase, NFT, or coin you get from them will make you a particular amount of money or anything like that, they’re likely lying. You should research all of your purchases and only spend as much money as you’re willing and able to lose because all markets carry risk. Here’s what we can promise:

We make choices and offers for a reason, usually because we believe in the goals and quality of a project. We will always tell you why we’ve selected something in the vaults.

If we ever discover that someone we’ve worked with or a project turns out to be different than we thought, we’ll adjust course. We’ll explain what we understand about what is happening, what we still may not know, what we’re doing in response, and what you can expect as a customer.

We will always stand behind our customer service and experience here at Mooned Mints. If there’s something about your time here in our world that hasn’t lived up to your expectations or our values, please let us know and we’ll do what we can to make it right.

How do I sell my tokens?

You’ll be able to trade your tokens on the vault pages through linked exchanges or on other exchanges like Uniswap when a token is listed there. The tokens created through these vault fractionalizations are run by smart contracts on the Blockchain, like all other cryptotokens and coins.

What’s an auction and how am I involved?

When the owners of more than 50% of a vault’s fractions set a reserve price, a purchaser is able to place a bid to purchase an entire vault and unlock the contents. The minimum starting bid is set as the average reserve price (weighted by token amounts per holder) multiplied by the total number of tokens.

Smart Contracts govern the whole auction process, which you can dig into in the vault’s contract address if you want to see more details. There are minimum and maximum reserve price parameters to help prevent a vault’s price from being manipulated. If you are a token holder who has not set a reserve price, you cannot stop an auction from happening. All token holders will be able to claim their share of the sale if and when it is completed.

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