April 13

5 Things that Make Mooned Mints Different

With the NFT and crypto world growing, new projects launching, and more and more people learning about the world of blockchain and web3, there are lots of ways to dive in and plenty of platforms to check out.

So let’s take a look at what sets Mooned Mints apart from some of the other platforms you’ve likely seen.

1. We’re focused on accessibility.

This is the single biggest value we hold. We want to make the world of NFTs more available for anyone who wants to be part of it. That means we make sure that we have a variety of projects to suit a lot of interests, needs, and starting investment levels. We want you to be able to build a collection you love, all the way through your crypto journey.

This is also a huge part of our commitment to educating our community and anyone else who wants to learn more about NFTs and crypto in general. The more information and answers out there, the better. We believe it shouldn’t be hard to find simple answers and support for being a part of the technology that’s changing so much about the world.

2. Our fractional tokens offer liquidity.

With NFTs, you’re hemmed in by project events like drop dates and the ups and downs of the NFTs’ values. You’re in or you’re out. There’s no way to dip your toe in and ramp up your share of the project as time goes on. You can’t let go of some of your ownership without selling the whole thing. And even then, you’re only able to sell if one other person is ready to grab the whole thing, right then.

We think it should be a whole easier to manage your collection and your funds than that!

3. Our Vault structure is all about diversification.

When you’re picking up NFTs for your collection one by one, you’re able to put all your weight behind the pieces that you want to hold on to or that you’re betting will do well as collectibles in the future. That’s great, but it limits your view and can really impact your collection’s value if something goes wrong with a project you invest in heavily.

By building Vaults, we’re able to take the impact of basic fractionalization you’ll see in other marketplaces and multiple it. Not only are you able to choose more Vaults and projects to hop in on because the pricing is more accessible, but the tokens themselves represent a portion of a whole round up. We diversify the Vaults, then you diversify your purchases.

4. We take curating seriously.

The other value that comes from our Vault structure is that it’s not an open marketplace like other platforms. Each Vault is curated by our Mooned Mints team or other people we know have something special to bring to the selection process. This lets us focus on the community input and support without overwhelming the marketplace with listings.

For our picks, we’re balancing our evaluation of each NFT purchase with how it fits the Vault round-up as a whole. Some Vaults are focused on the big names and industry standards, some are based on a theme or interest, some are all about long shots or exciting new ideas…whatever the foundation of a Vault’s selection is, you’ll always know about it and why we believe in what we picked.

5. We keep an eye on utility.

When it comes to NFTs, you know that they’re more than “just” jpgs. We’re determined to keep that central to the foundation of what NFTs are in each Vault selection. While some NFTs you see mixed into a Vault may be focused mostly on the art itself, most of our selections include other utilities or functions built into the value.

We look for things like community access, real-life applications, cash flow, event tickets, additional layers of future project growth, equity in a bigger project, new technology and ideas, and more. Plus, we make sure you know what each NFT includes and why we think it’s so important.

And the final part → The People.

The Mooned Mints Team is right here, every day. You’ll see the faces of the people selecting the NFTs for each Vault. We make sure to educate, support, engage, and hype up everything NFT and crypto that we love. We’ll answer questions, say GM, cheer you on, and be there for the WGMI moments.

(And if you have no idea what some of the unusual phrases and abbreviations are that you’ll see all around crypto community, we’ll explain that, too.)

Our focus isn’t on any particular project or launch, it’s on you.

The broader Mooned Mints community is unique, too.

When you’re out there constantly hunting for the next big mint and hoping to grab a spot on the right white lists, you’re bouncing in and out of different Discords and stacking up a looooonng list of notifications and newsletters. It’s A LOT.

Plus, you don’t get a chance to talk about a range of projects and compare and contrast takes on what’s a good fit, what’s happening in crypto, and all of that. It’s all based on that project, for the most part.

Since the Mooned Mints crew is here for the long run and new Vaults are popping up all the time (and being a part of them doesn’t rely on big drops and catching the perfect minting spot), you’re able to connect with others who care about the same things as you and have a bigger conversation about the world of NFTs and blockchain.

You get solid connections with real people and a lot less pinging from notifications. A win-win, if we’ve ever seen one.

Ready to check out some Vaults and grab some Fractions?

Head on over to look at what’s listed and what’s coming soon! And make sure to come say hi in the community and ask us any questions you may have.


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